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The argument for upcycling

Below you will find a link to research done by the consulting group Kearney – great work.  Many of us who have been involved with Circular Fashion have knowledge of this data, however, here are some interesting nuggets they have discovered. 


17 items of New Clothing purchased each year

– 97 items currently in the Closet

The above does not include Shoes, Swimwear, etc.  


One of the new nuggets we have pulled out of this research is something that we already knew – the need for UpCycling on a massive scale. Based on this data, only 36% of the clothing is worn out or damaged, leaving 64% ready to be repaired, cleaned and worn again. Nearly 50% of the clothing that is discarded is because the first user did not like it or it didn’t fit. Does this mean it should go straight to recycling, or should we follow the hierarchy and keep these items at their highest value?  


At ReCircled we are building facilities all over the globe to help solve the problem of UpCycling. Innovating everyday, we are committed to build scale that allows for the cleaning, repair and in certain cases reimagining what has already been produced into something new and desirable.  


At ReCircled we take this statement to heart – Many fashion initiatives simply scratch the surface of real sustainability.


If you want to learn more about the innovation and how ReCircled is building the infrastructure for Footwear & Fashion in the Circular Economy do not hesitate reach out at anytime. The time is now to make change.  




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We wanted to pass on some great work that NYU Stern has been doing concerning Sustainability and the Fashion industry. There is no doubt that we need to get everyone involved to solve what we have created and sometimes speaking the same language is the first step to get started.  

We appreciate ROSI as a tool to help the Finance Team understand the opportunity the Sustainability Team is presenting. Take a look and let us know what you think – are there other tools to help Merchandising, Sales, Operations, Finance and Sustainability all move in the same direction?  


Thank you NYU Stern for launching this process.  

Click on the link to see more of their work. 


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Save the date – January 22, 2021 @ 11 am Eastern

Please join Scott Kuhlman and Tom Ott from ReCircled for a Zoom presentation talking about all things Circular Footwear & Fashion. After getting through a very strange year and with optimism in the market, moving Footwear & Fashion to a Circular model is just getting started. We all know there is a monumental task in front of us and the question remains how does this get financed.  


Ok, kids it’s time to talk MONEY – click on the link below to register for this Zoom.